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Javier Perales
University researcher and professor (Spain)
This Project offers a very good way of introduce to teachers and pupils to Sustainable Development and how to implement it at schools and outdoors. For it several resources and media are used so both sample can elect the most useful for their interests.

José Manuel Gutiérrez-Bastida
Expert (Spain)
The e-learning course offers an interesting perspective for the integration of sustainability education and active teaching methodologies. Particularly relevant is the incorporation of the European competency framework "Green Comp" as well as a wide range of resources for further training.

Unai Ortega
University researcher and proffesor (Spain)
Relevant information is addressed in the e-learning package, together with valuable outline of didactic strategies. The course is adequately structured, with a progressive approach, from a basic contextualization approach about the complexity of sustainability to the didactic approach, from problematized approaches in close and significant contexts, and from interdisciplinarity. The package offers the opportunity to assess its suitability and appropriateness for teacher literacy in sustainability (e.g. by means of a pre-test/post-test).

Aritz Ruiz
University researcher and proffesor (Spain)
Overall, the E-learning Package becomes a valuable resource tailored to empower secondary school educators in effectively teaching environmental and sustainable development-related issues, thereby nurturing environmentally conscious and responsible future generations. These strengths collectively make the package an attractive and effective resource for modern learning, catering to diverse needs while fostering an engaging and enriched educational experience focusing on sustainability education.

José Ramón Díez
University researcher and proffesor (Spain)
The most interesting aspect for me is the attractiveness of a proposal for teacher self-training. It takes into account the basic ingredients for the foundation of the project: the dimensions for sustainability, the competences within the new European framework, the dynamic educational strategies that provide the best performance in the empowerment of pupils today and how to plan them. A very complete and varied training proposal

Siobhan Curtin
Teacher (Ireland)
This package is great…really fit for purpose and linking well with new specifications in Biology due to be implemented in schools in September 2025

Redmond Hanlon
University Teacher (Ireland)
The platform is easy to navigate and easy to use. The imagery used on the platform is good. The option to convert the language for all nationalities inside and outside the EU is fantastic

Natália Afonso
Teacher (Portugal)
I very much appreciated to be able to communicate and convey concepts related with sustainability in a clear way. Learn how to help the new generation cope with issues such as consumerism, the overuse of natural resources and waste management.

Conceição Galhardo
Teacher (Portugal)
It was great the opportunity to think deeper about issues on sustainable development. Design plans which enable teachers to act on behalf of the Planet balance; finally to make sure that both current and future generations get a good quality of living standard.

Maria João Ramosù
Teacher (Portugal)
I appreciated the flexibility in time management and the fact that teachers, who were from different schools, didn't need to commute most of the time, since there were only two in-person sessions. Furthermore, the online course was user-friendly.

Antónia Martins
Teacher (Portugal)
The course allowed us not only to share ideas regarding the implementation of activities in the scope of sustainable development; but also to discuss the methodologies and strategies so that teachers may intertwine the several subjects.

Carmela Netti
Teacher (Italy)
The theme proposed in the 5 e-learning are relevant and analyze both theoretical aspects and concrete actions for sustainability, offering an active collaboration with other European educational institutions to imagine sustainable futures and act concretely in the school community and on the territory.
In addition, it analyzes the complexity of different contexts and promotes concrete actions to convey to students the fundamental values of sustainability in order to preserve their future and that of the planet.

Anna Maria Rosco
Teacher (Italy)
I think the E-learning Package is very clear and can create real support for experimentation with students. I found some of the suggested links and videos very interesting. I also think that the way everything was presented was clear and accessible.

Fulvia De Maio
Teacher (Italy)
The focus on the interaction/intertwining of different dimensions (enviromental, social, economical and political) as a key to understand and manage the complexity of phenomena

Lisaveta Cerra
Teacher (Italy)
The E-learning Package deals with urgent issues such as climate change and sustainable development. I think that the course provides teachers of many interesting tools and suggestions to involve actively the classroom in challenging tasks concerning sustainability. Only by reflecting together on the solutions to save our planet and by adopting sustainable ways of life, young people can become aware of the importance of their daily actions to build a better future.

Nicolina Coscione
Teacher (Italy)
Valid awareness tool for developing knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding climate change in favor of supporting sustainable development. The strong point is to insist on everyone's participation and connection with everything.

Giuseppa Spallina
Teacher (Italy)
The most interesting aspects and strengths of the E-learning Package are: Education for sustainable development, aimed at the entire society and especially at students, is a strong point and an important aspect of this Gogreen training course. Acquire knowledge about the environment and awareness of sustainable development to become active citizens.

Mihaela Vatavu
Experts in the field of education policies (Romania)
The e-learning package is a great tool that equips individuals across the lifespan with the necessary understanding, competencies, principles, and autonomy to confront interrelated worldwide issues such as climate change, biodiversity depletion, unsustainable resource utilisation, and inequity. The video presentations at the beginning of each unit offer an outline of the content in a very appealing and easy-to-grab way. The presentation is very graphic, and the resources, both online and offline, are substantial and offer support for a better understanding of the key concepts.

Bodor Bea
School Teacher (Romania)
We are grateful for this package, the courses are well built and engaging, the way they deal with the topic is excellent. It is interactive and useful.

Iftime Brându?a Ionela
School Teacher (Romania)
The E-learning Package put gret emphasis on knowledge, understanding and overview of theory for the teacher, providing ideas on developing awareness of best practice, planning, engaging colleagues, students and communities, but also the creation of materials accessible to the whole school, including activities suitable for different ages and skills.